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Repairing Wooden Chairs

Chances are you've sat in a chair that has been less than reliable. Perhaps you have even witnessed a chair collapse under someone's weight.

Tens of thousands of chairs break every year because they are not properly maintained. This results in a lot of spinal bruises and broken bones. According to Rent-A-Husband's Kaile Warren, it's not the size of the person, but the lack of proper adhesion which often leads to a chair's demise.

He visits Friday's The Early Show to show us how to repair a loose, wobbly wooden chair.

The timing of his demonstration is perfect, because the primary cause of a chair's looseness is that it is set too close to a home's baseboard heat throughout the winter months. This causes the wood to shrink, and that breaks the glue bondage.

The biggest mistake people make in repairing a wooden chair is that they drill holes and insert screws. This causes the legs and rungs to break even sooner. Warren demonstrates the proper glue to use, a slower-drying polyurethane that's less brittle than other adhesives.

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