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Job postings for remote work rise, as many say they like it

Job postings for remote work triple
Job postings for remote work are on the rise 01:47

Dropbox is among the tech firms that have declared themselves "virtual first" employers since the pandemic normalized remote work, for the first time in corporate history.

Amanda Miller, a parent and Dropbox employee, said she is more productive working from home, where she has been doing her job for two years, and now has time for activities like volunteering at her kids' school.

"I think like anybody it was a bit of an adjustment," she told CBS News. 

But Miller quickly adjusted to life without a daily commute

"I was able to do all sorts of things I didn't have the opportunity to do before, like volunteering at my kids' school — I do that regularly," she said. 

She added that she has an easier time concentrating from home, without in-office distractions to cause her to lose focus. As a result, she said, she can be more effective at her job. 

"Working from home, you have the opportunity to concentrate and be more focused in a way that you naturally can't in an office when there is noise," Miller said. 

Eric Trickett, vice president of Global Talent acquisition at Dropbox, a file storage software company, said that all Dropbox employees can work remotely full-time, if they so choose. 

"Our applicant pool nearly doubled"

Remote or virtual work is becoming increasingly attractive to workers, and employers are taking notice, amending their policies to help recruitment efforts. 

According to a poll from Morning Consult, 82% of employees say they enjoy working remotely. 

"Not only has this allowed us to tap into a lot more geographically distributed talent pool, but it's also really been able to see a huge uptick in the overall interest in Dropbox," Trickett said. "Our applicant volume nearly doubled year-over-year."

According to jobs listing website, nearly 10% of job postings are for remote workers, almost triple the amount from before pandemic — an indication that remote work is here to stay

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