Relationship ends at the point of a sword

(CBS) DOBBINS, Calif. - A Yuba County woman is accused of fatally stabbing her boyfriend of five years with a sword, but she says it was an accident.

Joanne Cardoza admits grabbing a 3-foot-long sword off her kitchen table and pointing it at her boyfriend Sunday, but told Yuba County sheriff's deputies she didn't mean to stab him with it, CBS Sacramento reported.

Friends of Cardoza's boyfriend, Buck Day, aren't buying it, claiming Cardoza had major anger problems.

"She recently lost her son, so I know she had some issues, and they fought a lot," Tara Thomas told CBS Sacramento.

Day's ex-wife says he called her several times to pick him up from the house because of Cardoza's outbursts.

According to the station, Cardoza says she grabbed the sword when Day "rushed" at her during an escalating argument. His friends says that doesn't ring true, either.

"Buck wouldn't hurt anybody. He's a very calm, docile personality," Thomas said.

Cardoza is being held without bail at the Yuba County Jail on murder charges.

Deputies say they aren't sure why the sword was on the table in the first place.