Reich to Judt: Get a Brain

In early December, I posted on Tony Judt's stinging essay on the future of capitalism in the New York Review of Books, which used Robert Reich's Supercapitalism as a jumping-off point (see Tony Judt: Innovation Ain't Always Progress). Reich has responded in the latest issue of NYRB. He calls for "a more effective barrier between the economy and politics, between capitalism and democracy." He also says "We will need to practice democratic citizenship with as much zeal as we practice consumerism, and elect leaders who inspire us to do so."

Judt gets the last word, notable mostly for its disdain for Reich's suggestions. Dinged by Reich for retreating into "the reassuring fatalism of the old left narrative," Judt responds that he is past that, and it is no longer clear what now.

The brief, sharp debate is here: Supercapitalism: An Exchange.