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Reflecting on an Unusual New York Winter

Walking through Central Park this morning I was struck by how quiet the city is after a snow storm. Most of the people I saw were carrying cameras. It was if the parks visitors knew what they were witnessing wasn't going to last. The beauty of all that snow was already beginning to melt away as the sun broke through the clouds. Most winters we get about 21 inches of snow in the city. Last night we got 19. Since the winter began 55 inches of snow have landed on us. Those are Denver numbers -- not New York. It's unusual. All this snow. And I think most New Yorkers are viewing it for what it is -- an aberration. An oddity we view with appreciation. Like the Knicks winning. Or someone who's polite. As the snow turns to slush, the schools close for one more day, most us will say, "Enough."


Just a minute. I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.