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Recover a Lost Laptop with Free Theft Recovery

Looking for better laptop security, but you don't want to invest in a paid theft recovery service like Laptop Cop? There are a number of free options out there, but the newest looks pretty sharp.

LockItTight is a free service that lets you easily track your laptop via their Web site. Just install the small client app on your laptop, and LockItTight performs location tracking, automated Webcam captures, and regular screen captures every 30 minutes. You can change the frequency of the captures via the Web site as well.

The service saves the last 1000 locations and the last 100 Webcam and screen captures, which should be plenty to accrue evidence for the police to track down the bad guys and give you your laptop back. It's compatible with all the recent flavors of Windows, from XP onward.

LockItTight looks pretty good -- the software is small and unobtrusive, and the Web site is logically designed. It's a new service, though, and missing some features. It won't capture keystrokes, for example (though that feature is coming) and there's no word about remote wipes. For a more established laptop recovery service, you might want to check out Prey or LocateMyLaptop. [via AddictiveTips]

Photo courtesy Flickr user Aunt Owwee

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