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Record-setting Broadway actor surprised he's out

The Broadway performance of "Phantom of the Opera" on Saturday night will make history.

After 23 years and nearly 9,400 shows, actor George Lee Andrews is leaving the show for good.

He holds the Guinness World Record for the most performances in the same Broadway production, playing Monsieur Andrews, one of the managers of the opera house.

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Andrews said on "The Early Show" the musical has been a large part of his life.

Andrews said, "Eight performances a week for all those weeks ... I'm not even really connecting yet that I'm not going to be a part of the show when I'm finished on Saturday, so I probably won't feel that. I'll just feel like I have to get up on Monday and get back in there."

Andrews said it was a surprise when he learned his contract wasn't being renewed.

"My partner and I, David Cryer, partners in the show for over five years, we were called in to our company manager's office and we had no idea why we were being called in," Andrews said. "We thought maybe we were going to be asked to come over to England to be part of the big 25th anniversary celebration, but we found out differently, and so we had quite a shock. But you know, you don't want to dwell on that shock too much. Mostly, 'Phantom' is just a total gift."

Andrews said every night on the stage is a thrill.

"People sometimes say to me, 'How do you stay interested after all these years?' I'm like, 'I go out in front of ... 1,600 people every night and get to be in this spectacular Broadway show; how could I not be interested?"

One of the actor's favorite nights was when the musical became the longest-running show in Broadway history.

Andrews recalled, "The audience was filled with all the prior phantoms, all the prior Christines, the touring company was there, our families were there; you know. It was a big night, it was a great night."

CBS' Jan Crawford pointed out that Andre's son-in-law is replacing him.

The switch, Andrews said, has made the transition easier.

"It's a great connection," he said. "The main thing that I was afraid of is my being severed from the connection of that family, that family over there, that I go to work with every night, that includes everybody, that includes the crew, and the actors, and the wardrobe people and, you know, everybody. It's a big family. We have a ball, and that was going to be hard to say good-bye to them and feel like a natural severing from that. But coincidentally my son-in-law got an audition, went through the callback process and got the job. .... My connection is open, and he and my daughter are having a baby in November, so that will all be a lot of excitement that we'll all be a part of it."

Crawford said, "Maybe the baby will follow his own dad."

Andrews said, "Maybe the baby will get in there!"