Ravi Shankar's daughter, Norah Jones, on dad's "genius"

Musician Norah Jones talks about her father, Ravi Shankar, the virtuoso Indian sitar player who died Tuesday, in a 2007 60 Minutes interview

"I mean, he's a genius," said musician Norah Jones about her famous father, Ravi Shankar. "His music is amazing."

Shankar -- the virtuoso Indian sitar player who died Tuesday at the age of 92 -- and Jones had a complicated relationship, but one they managed to rebuild, beginning when Jones was 18.

In the above video -- an excerpt from 60 Minutes' February 2007 profile of Norah Jones -- Jones describes reconnecting with her dad after not seeing or speaking with him for nine years.

Jones also comments on Shankar's legacy as a musician, citing his wide-reaching influence.

"I remember when I found out that John Coltrane had come to him once to study....That impressed me at the time, more than the George Harrison thing just because I was such a jazz nerd. But you know it's all amazing. He's inspired a lot of musicians," said Jones.