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Rapper T.I. helps single moms buy Christmas presents

Rapper T.I. surprised single moms at an Atlanta-area Target store when he announced that he would take care of their Christmas shopping lists on Sunday. The artist posted a video on Instagram that showed him brightening up shoppers' holiday weekend. 

In the clip, T.I. enters the store and calls, "All single moms ... meet me in the back," as shoppers follow him with their carts. 

The rapper proceeded to spend $20,000 in 30 minutes, he wrote on Instagram. In the video, moms can be heard thanking him for his generosity as he helps them scan their items. 

T.I. wrote on Instagram, "Wish I could've came earlier, stayed longer & done more for more people," but said he needed to catch a flight. He also added to those who missed his holiday shopping bonanza: "I'll catch up with you next year!!!" 

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