Raising Money Any Way He Can

From CBS News' Joy Lin:

OSCEOLA, IOWA – As Mike Huckabee and his campaign manager Chip Saltsman left the hunting headquarters after a morning of shooting, Saltsman bent down next to their SUV to pick up a pile of coins that had fallen there. Huckabee remarked all the cameras were shooting the minor event, but that didn't stop Saltsman.

"You wonder how we finance our campaign? Picking up loose change from the ice," Huckabee joked.

A cameraman pointed out that there were still two pennies on the ground.

"They were frozen, I couldn't get 'em," a smiling Saltsman said as he was closing the door.

Huckabee is headed to Florida, where he has three fundraisers before returning to Iowa tomorrow for the final stretch of campaigning.