Radio host scolded for criticizing President Trump resigns

Radio host Bruce Bond resigned on Monday after management told him he couldn't criticize President Trump on-air. 

Bruce Bond/Twitter

PALMYRA, Pa. -- A Pennsylvania radio host has resigned after being asked by management not to criticize President Donald Trump on air. 

Bruce Bond told he's "very sad" he could not continue in his position with WTPA-FM. 

On Monday, the radio host promoted his last show on Twitter by saying, "Our last show on WTPA (episode 155) & the podcast is available now. Find it on Facebook or itunes. We had an unexpected guest stop by, thanks" 

Bond posted a letter from the station's general manager on Facebook on Sunday telling him it is "not permissible" to talk disrespectfully of the president. The letter says listeners have threatened boycotts of sponsors and social media campaigns against the station. 

Bond wrote that the rules left him unable to be honest with his fans and listeners. He said he can't "be walking on eggshells" when the subject of Trump comes up.

General Manager Tim Michaels said the station has accepted his resignation and wishes him well.