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Radio Alert Rescues Child

Eight-week-old Raye Lee Bradbury was safe Wednesday. She was kidnapped by her baby sitter, police say, and rescued by a network of radio stations.

In north Texas, the major radio stations broadcast all points bulletins whenever children are snatched, instantly adding thousands to the search party. The system worked perfectly for Raye Lee.

The plan had been

activated before here but never with this fast a result. Only one-half hour after the alert went out for Raye Lee, someone driving on the highway spotted the baby sitter speeding by with the infant and called 911.

It's called "The Amber Plan" after another child whose kidnapping had a tragically different ending.

The abduction and murder three years ago of Amber Hagerman left a grief stricken community searching for a way to make sure it never happened again.

"This is a way that Amber can be honored and her name can live on and she can help other children," said Dee Anderson of the Arlington Police.

They are thinking of Amber in Raye Lee's home too, where one family's tragedy has prevented another's pain.

Reported By Jim Axelrod

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