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Racial Slurs Found On Iowa State Area Vehicles

This story was written by Bethany Pint ¿ Daily Staff Writer, Iowa State Daily

Vandals may have gotten their hands on Ames resident Amy Bleyles two vehicles, but she isnt letting the vandalism destroy her feelings for president-elect Barack Obamas Tuesday night win.

Investigations Commander Jim Robinson, of the Ames Police Department, said the report of the vandalism was initiated Wednesday morning at 8:58 a.m., after Bleyle found her two vehicles, both decorated with Obama bumper stickers, were vandalized.

Bleyle said she and her children saw the vandalism Wednesday morning as they getting ready to leave for school.

She said the phrase the nigger won and the word nig was found on the vehicles. Robinson said the vandals are thought to have used white window chalk.

Bleyle said she thought two other cars along Phoenix Street were also vandalized.

We were kind of shocked and saddened, mostly saddened, Bleyle said. We felt so good going to bed that night and it was kind of a bummer, it made me mad and sad .

Bleyle said this wasnt the first time she had seen property vandalized. At the start of the War in Iraq, Bleyle said a sign that simply said peace had been vandalized.

She said she didnt think this was a personal attack on her or her family, but rather about the outcome of the election.

I think it was just some kids that let a prank go too far and didnt know how their actions might affect people, she said. Thats why Ive kind of let it blow over, in my mind. Im still enjoying the fact that Obamas going to be our president.

Robinson said the incident is still under investigation.

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