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R. Kelly storms out of interview

R. Kelly walked out of an interview with HuffPost Live, and he may have gone to McDonald's afterward.

The R&B singer who has been accused several times of sexually assaulting underage girls got testy when the interviewer pressed him about the lawsuits and allegations.

"I think people find it very difficult to not think about the multiple lawsuits, the multiple allegations of you having inappropriate relations, sex relations, with minors. What do you say to those people who find it conflicting?" asked host Caroline Modaressy-Tehrani.


Kelly responded, "I'd say 'f**k that," and talked over Modaressy-Tehrani as she tried to ask him more questions.

"You can't satisfy everybody," he added. "I will continue to do my job until I get fired, and the only people who can fire me are my fans."

He threatened to leave if the "negativity" did not stop, and called her disrespectful. He also warned her he would leave if she asked him another negative question.

Kelly told Modaressy-Tehrani the interview seemed like a deposition after she asked him if he had a healthy relationship with sex. When she insisted she was simply asking questions, Kelly answered that it was a reflection on her intelligence if she did not see her behavior toward him as disrespectful.

"I'm going to walk out," he said. "And I'm going to go to McDonald's. Hopefully the McRib is out, and i'm going to go home to Chicago."

The two argued and finally Kelly said, "This interview is over," and took off his mic and walked off set.