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R. Kelly accuser says the R&B singer threatened her and her family after she spoke out

Accuser says R. Kelly threatened her
R. Kelly accuser says R&B singer threatened her and her family 04:16

One of R. Kelly's accusers said she has proof the Grammy-winning singer tried to intimidate her into staying silent about his alleged abuse. Backed by famed attorney Gloria Allred, 21-year-old Faith Rodgers spoke to New York police Monday and unveiled a threatening letter allegedly written by Kelly last October.  

"Mr. Kelly appears to have been engaging in a campaign of intimidation and retaliation," Allred said at a press conference Monday. 

Rodgers first spoke to "CBS This Morning" last May about the alleged mental, sexual, and verbal abuse she said she went through during a relationship with R. Kelly when she was 19 years old. The lawsuit she filed last year claims Kelly knowingly gave her an STD. Since coming forward, Rodgers said the R&B singer has threatened her and her family.

"The first time we spoke it was negative," Rodgers told CBS News' Jericka Duncan of how her life has changed since coming forward. "Now I have more support … but I'm finding my strength and I'm pressing forward with everything I need to do."

In the notarized letter to a lawyer representing Rodgers – which she said also contained compromising photos of her – Kelly allegedly wrote "if she persists in court action she will be subjected to public opinion" and demanded Rodgers provide test results "proving the origin of her STD claim." The letter also said Kelly would request "10 personal male witnesses testifying about her sex life."

"It just validates the monster that he is that's what it does," Rodgers said. "I realize that that's his defense but his defense is only revealing his true colors."

Kelly's attorney told CBS News the letter is "a fake" saying "R. Kelly can't read, write or type. He didn't send any letter."

Rodgers is one of several accusers who appeared in the docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly", which chronicled years of accusations against the singer. Allred represents three women – including Rodgers – who say Kelly victimized them.

"This has been building for quite a while but now it's approaching a tsunami for Mr. Kelly, and now because we have young women of courage like Faith those who are watching and listening are needing to pay attention," Allred said.
CBS News also spoke with Rodgers' mother, the wife of a pastor, who said she hopes other women will come forward. 

Asked if she can ever see herself forgiving Kelly, she said, "Absolutely … He needs help not only mental help he needs spiritual help." She said she "absolutely" believes Kelly should be in jail. 

Rodgers' attorneys say they don't know if criminal charges are imminent, but she believes Kelly's days in the limelight are numbered.

"You better think of something quick. You're running out of time," she said.

Kelly has denied all wrongdoing and claims all sexual acts with his accusers were consensual. Investigators in Georgia are reportedly looking into some abuse claims, but the local DA would not comment.

More artists are distancing themselves from Kelly. Celine Dion and Chance the Rapper have reportedly pulled their music collaborations with him from streaming services.

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