Quotes of the week: O'Reilly vs. Trump, Anthony Weiner and more (VIDEO)

Getting into the holiday spirit, we found time to play an April Fool's joke on our unfortunate interns who thought they were getting the week off. Instead they worked a week straight in the usual darkened, locked room looking through endless hours of footage just for you.

This week, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly gave Donald Trump his two cents when it came to "birther" claims about President Obama from the billionaire, reality TV personality and potential 2012 GOP candidate.

And, who says politicians aren't funny? Well... intentionally funny? New York Rep. Anthony Weiner took on his fellow members of Congress and even poked fun at himself at Washington's annual congressional correspondents' dinner.

Watch this week's high and low lights above and enjoy the weekend from all of us as Washington Unplugged.