Quiz: Which Closing Technique Is Best?

Last Updated Sep 28, 2009 4:55 PM EDT

Scenario: It's late in the day and you haven't made your personal quota. You're speaking with a prospect about a medium-sized deal but you can tell that the prospect would like to leave for the day. However, you really could use a sale right now and you're pretty sure that the customer wants to buy.

Of the moves below, which is the best?

  • Technique #1: The Assumptive Close. Ask the customer to make a meaningless decision that assumes a decision has been made. Example: "Do you want that in hunter green or hunter orange?"
  • Technique #2: The Flyfish Close. Promise something valuable then take it away if a decision isn't made now. Example: "We have a special offer - a 15 percent discount - but only if you decide to buy now."
  • Technique #3: The Puppy-Dog Close. Let the customer try the product for free in the hopes the customer will fall in love with it. Example: "We'll give you the product free for your evaluation and only charge you if you don't return it."
  • Technique #4: The Reverse Close. Ask a customer who's saying "no" a question intended to elicit a "no" that actually means "yes." Example: "Is there any reason that you wouldn't do business with our company?"
  • Technique #5: The Gambit Close. Simply ask for the business... even though the customer might say "NO" or raise yet another objection. Example: "So, are we ready to move to the next step?"

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