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Quick tribute in honor of YouTube's 7th birthday

(CBS News) Did you know that today is YouTube's 7th birthday? No?  Well, it is. So you should definitely send a card or at least a nice Facebook message if you haven't done so already (you're welcome for the reminder). And in honor of this occasion, let's all take a look at some of the history in the video above behind the Internet name you know all too well.

The beautiful tribute and history lesson was posted by YouTube and shows just how significant the video platform has become for almost every major event, minor laugh and shared experience that we've come across over the course of these seven years.

We here at The Feed would like to give a major triple-rainbow salute to YouTube for all they've given to us over the years (after all, we'd probably be unemployed otherwise) and wish them a very happy birthday today with many more to come!

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