Quick lesson in how not to move industrial equipment

(CBS News) This is one of those videos where you can just see the disaster coming from a mile away. Where you wonder at what point someone thought this would be a good idea. Where you start to actually talk to your screen and possibly scream, "What are you thinking? Stop! Don't do it!"

But unlike 99% of these videos, this one actually turns out okay. The video entitled "How to get your 14 ton digger off the Silage pit" was posted by YouTube user lre1980 (who is either very skilled or extremely lucky) who gives one piece of good advice in his description of the caught-on-tape moment:

Don't try this at home

Seriously. Don't do it. This is a bad idea for anyone to try with their 14-ton digger. You'll probably need to buy a new one. And good luck explaining what happened to your insurance company.