Quick Cleanups Of Holiday Messes

This time of year, there are many family gatherings and parties to plan and enjoy.

Though holiday entertaining is fun, it can also be a chaotic and stressful challenge when you face unexpected messes during the festivities.

Before you say, "Bah Humbug," Laura Telluric, and author of "Speed Cleaning 101" has intra-party cleaning tips to keep your home looking holiday fresh without ever putting down your eggnog!

Of course, many of these messes come up throughout the year. And many of these tips and products are multi-purpose, so you can use them all year long.

The product descriptions provided here are from the Web sites of the manufacturers.

Problem: Guests tracking snow, mud and dirt on your floor as they enter the house

Healthy Housekeeper's Tip: Use a run off mat to prevent 85 percent of dirt from coming into the home

Problem: Christmas tree debris, decorations, cookie crumbs, and gift wrapping materials all over the floor and carpet

Holiday celebrations generate an array of unwanted messes, and without the right vacuum, they are nearly impossible to pick up in a hurry during the party.

Healthy Housekeeper's Tip: Use a powerful and reliable solution such as the new Shark Infinity vacuum that never loses suction and picks up holiday messes in seconds without ever clogging. With the most powerful suction available, pine needles, garland, bubble wrap and wrapping paper are no match for the Infinity's powerful suction!

Vacuum details: New Infinity technology enables more cyclones per vacuum than ever before. A newer, dirt-separation system in each cyclone means suction that lasts.
$199.99, Shark Company

Problem: Red wine spills during the party

No matter what the size of the spill, wine can cause serious damage to your favorite holiday clothes, furniture or carpet. Not using the right product can result in a stain that will be a permanent reminder of a holiday party mishap.

Healthy Housekeeper's Tip: Use a solution that works in seconds and can be used immediately on a variety of items such as tablecloths, linens, clothing and carpets.

Dellutri uses a Gonzo Wine Out to (almost) instantly remove the stain. For food and other beverages, Dellutri uses a Tide to Go stain eraser pen for clothing stains.

Product details:

Gonzo Wine Out Stain Remover: Even the founder of the Gonzo Corporation has experienced the embarrassment of spilling red wine on a friend's carpet. That's why we created Gonzo Wine Out. Simply apply Gonzo Wine Out to the stained area as the directions indicate, and watch red wine stains disappear like magic. As are all of our products, Gonzo Wine Out is safe for you, your fabrics and your pets.
$3.99-$5.99, www.gonzocorp.com

Tide to Go: Now you can eliminate many fresh food and drink stains the moment they happen. Just follow the package instructions to apply new Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover and you're done! No pre-treating. No soaking. No change of clothing required. The stain is gone so you can get on with your life - anytime, anywhere.
Price varies, depending on number of pens in a pack, Tide To Go

Problem: Candle wax all over the mantle

In an effort to set the mood for holiday cheer, candles frequently become a mess, especially once the wax has dried. Chipping away at wax residue is a time-consuming fix that will keep you from enjoying your party and entertaining your guests.

Healthy Housekeeper's Tip: Try using hot water and Goo Gone to easily cut through wax residue within minutes.

Product descriptions:

Goo Gone is a combination of Citrus Power and scientific technology designed to eliminate the very toughest problems. Goo Gone safely removes gum, tar, crayon, fresh paint, tree sap, oil and grease, blood, ink, asphalt, scuff marks, tape and tape residue, makeup, lipstick and mascara, adhesives, candle wax, kitchen grease, shoe polish, soap scum, bumper stickers, duct tape, and bicycle chain grease. Goo Gone has minimal impact on our environment and is safe to use on virtually any surface, including carpets, upholstery, clothing, tile, glass, grills, appliances, vinyl, wood, draperies, autos, boats, fiberglass.
Price varies depending on size, MagicAmerican.com

Swifter Duster: This is no ordinary feather duster! It has the trapping power of Swiffer in a fluffy, go-anywhere form. Swiffer Dusters use thousands of soft, fluffy fibers that can change shape to fit wherever they must go with a handle that allows you to get to where your hand can't reach. You'll be surprised to discover how easy it is to dust both small places and large areas! It works so well that you may actually begin to like dusting. When you're finished cleaning, just toss the duster and the dust into the garbage.
Price varies, Swiffer.com

Problem: Kids holiday card making is out of control!

The kids have drawn outside the lines once again and left crayon scribbles on your counter-top, walls and floors.

Healthy Housekeeper's Tip: A quick and simple solution is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which easily removes unwanted marks from walls and counter-tops in seconds. It's also good for other marks, such as scuff marks.

Product descriptions:

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser erases crayons and magic markers, wall board with scribble. It has been heralded as a true cleaning superstar. By jusy adding water to the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power, you can clean the toughest dirt and grime. Try it for yourself and you'll see. What's more, you'll want to tell a friend. Tough soap scum on highly textured shower walls and bathtub bottoms? No problem. How about that nasty build-up on kitchen tile grout lines? Get ready to say goodbye. Those sticky messes inside the refrigerator? Forget about it! Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power will take care of it. With ease!
Prices vary, Mr. Clean