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Queen Elizabeth knights Prince Harry at Buckingham Palace

His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles David of Wales -- a.k.a. Prince Harry -- is now officially Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, and unofficially, Sir Harry.

The 30-year-old Prince of Wales was knighted this week by his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II for his "services to the sovereign," and was awarded the honor in a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace. The Royal Victorian Order, the dyanstic order of knighthood for services to the crown, was established by Queen Victoria in 1896.

Later in June, Harry will conclude 10 years of service in the British Army, which included two tours of duty in Afghanistan. In addition to his military service Harry has supported several charities including Help for Heroes, the ABF the Soldiers' Charity and helped establish a charity in Lesotho to help children affected by HIV/AIDS.

After leaving his post in the army the prince will volunteer with a conservation project in Africa and with disabled veterans in the U.K.