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Put An End To Bad Hair Days

Celebrity stylist and The Early Show beauty contributor David Evangelista says there are three common hair problems: dry hair, oily hair and frizzy hair. He broke down the causes of these problems and gave strategies to overcome them.

Dry hair lacks oil and moisture to give it a sheen and softness. As a result, hair will often have a straw-like texture.

Causes: Sun, salt, chlorinated water, harsh shampoos, excessive use of heated rollers and hair dryers, perms and bleach can all lead to dry hair, which is characterized by split ends and dandruff.

Care, Treatment:

  • Trimming your hair is the only cure for split ends.
  • Limit washing because shampooing also eliminates the hair's protective oils. Wash with a mild shampoo twice a week and use products containing moisturizing ingredients like panthenol and ceramides. Follow every shampoo with a deep cream conditioner.
  • Combat dryness with a weekly deep-conditioning hair-mask or hot-oil treatment. For added effectiveness, cover hair with a plastic bag and toweling turban. The heat from the scalp will open up the hair cuticles, allowing the moisturizer to penetrate the hair shaft.
  • Minimize use of hot styling tools. When you do use a blow dryer, curling or straightening iron, apply a silicone-based styling cream or serum to shield the hair from the heat. And avoid gels, which will dry out the hair even more.

    Quick Fix: Hide dry frayed ends by pulling hair up into a bun

    Oily hair sticks together, lies flat, separates and is difficult to style.

    Causes: Oily hair is mainly due to overactive sebaceous glands which produce too much sebum or oil.

    Care, Treatment:

  • Shampoo every day with a mild clarifying shampoo. If you use a conditioner, only apply to the ends rather than the roots.
  • Too much brushing of hair stimulates the oil glands that are already over-active.
  • A light perm can help to lift hair slightly away from the scalp, making it less easy for the sebum to travel up the hair shaft.

    Quick Fix: Use hair powder for a dry cleanse

    Frizzy hair usually effects those with naturally curly and or coarse hair. When the hair becomes dry and damaged, the curls frizz out and eventually become split-ends.


  • Some people simply have naturally frizzy hair.
  • A lack of moisture and protein also cause frizzy hair.
  • Environmental elements as in the sun's rays, wind and high humidity can cause unmanageable frizz.
  • Overusing styling products can cause dryness which makes the hair frizzy.
  • Damaged hair from perming, coloring, relaxing and bleaching tends to develop frizz.
  • Gels, mousses or hairsprays that have high alcohol content will cause more frizz.
  • Over-drying your hair can make it more frizzy.
  • The use of some oil-based conditioners can contribute to frizz.
  • Touching combing or scrunching your hair too much can also cause frizz.

    Care, Treatment:

  • Don't shampoo every day. Your hair needs the natural oils from the scalp to reduce frizz. Try not to wash your hair more than twice a week, and use a smoothing curl enhancing shampoo with protein and panthenol.
  • Keep your hair well conditioned with a rich moisturizing product.
  • Use a diffuser when blow-drying.
  • Avoid grease, mousses and gels which lead to chemical build-up. As a result, your hair will require more washing than is healthy.

    Quick Fix: Curl ends with an iron and be sure to use a silicone-based product on the tips.

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