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Puppy Drinks Vodka, Not Voluntarily, Man Goes to Jail

Man Makes Puppy Drink Vodka, Goes to Jail

IOWA CITY, Iowa (CBS/AP) An Iowa City man accused of giving vodka to a friend's puppy and nearly killing it has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for animal abuse.

The Iowa City Press-Citizen reports that Jared Colony agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a 90-day jail sentence.

He also agreed to pay nearly $2,500 to the dog's owner plus a $625 fine.

According to police, Colony was watching the 4-month-old puppy for a friend in October 2009.

Police said he poured vodka into a bowl encouraged the puppy to drink it.

When the owner returned about 30 minutes later, the dog was unresponsive and barely breathing.

The puppy was treated for alcohol poisoning at a veterinary hospital and survived.