Puppies get adorably confused by music, on The Feed!

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include five puppies mesmerized by music and a cat that tries to act tough and fails miserably.

First up, わんにゃんクラブ posted this video of five Alaskan Malamute puppies puzzled by the playing of music. Either that, or perhaps their owner is trying to load groceries into the back of the vehicle the pups are in, and they are refusing to let that happen.

As it paces back and forth, with an arched back and a careful glare, the kitty in this video from ignoramusky is doing its best to look sinister. But, any fear that cat might induce goes right out the window when it has a hilarious mishap.

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    Nick Dietz is an associate producer, on-camera personality and reporter for CBSNews.com. And, host of the viral video wrap up show "The Feed."