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Puerto Rico Last No More

Puerto Rico's Democratic Party has changed plans for its nominating contest, switching from a caucus to a primary in order to take advantage of all the excitement, the AP reports. "If Puerto Rico is going to play such a significant role, we should give the world a showcase of democracy," said the territory's Democratic chairman Roberto Prats said. "We
know how to vote, we vote in masses and I think it's Puerto Rico's show time."

The territory's 55 pledged delegates will certainly draw attention from the candidates as they head to the final stretch of the primary season. But Prats says their contest has always been scheduled for June 1st, not the 7th as primary calendars have reported. He says the confusion resulted from a typo in the official document originally sent to the national party. That makes South Dakota and Montana the last states to weigh in on the fight on June 3rd – at least until we hear what Florida and Michigan will do.