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Protect Your Gadgets, Keys, Lunchbox with a Personal Security Net

Personal gadget security is frequently on my mind. I always worry that I'll leave my cell phone behind when I go out to lunch, have my laptop stolen at the bus station, or forget my keys on my desk at the end of the day and only discover the loss after I've locked them securely inside my office, with no easy way to get them back. That's why I am keenly interested in a new, inexpensive security device that can eliminate worries about loss and theft.

Imagine a small gadget -- a bit smaller than the typical key fob for your car -- that you attach to important gadgets like car keys and your laptop. That gadget communicates via Bluetooth with your mobile phone. Stray too far, and an alarm goes off on both your phone and the fob-like device.

That's nio, a $70 security gadget for your other gadgets. It's currently compatible with various Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Nokia models, with iPhone reportedly coming soon. It's an intriguing idea, with a lot of configurability. You can specify the diameter of your security zone, outside of which your gadgets alarm, for example. You can also set up a schedule for when nio monitors your stuff, which helps extend battery life and prevent your routine behavior from making your nio squawk.

Nio is a UK product, but available in the US via Amazon.

Learn more about nio by watching the video. Or, if you want a free alternative to nio for your laptop, consider LAlarm or ALARM.