Prosthetic leg puts lamb back on its feet

One lucky lamb in California is back on her feet with the help of a of a prosthetic leg.

CBS station KOVR in Sacramento, Calif. visited Carmen at her new home in Animal Place, an animal sanctuary. A prosthetics doctor at Grass Valley Hangar donated the metal and plastic leg, which is similar to what would be used on a small child.

An Animal Place veterinarian said a neighbor had seen Carmen hobbling around with a broken leg for two weeks. Animal Place convinced her owners to give her to them. By that time, it was too late to save the leg, so doctors were forced to amputate it.

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"Someone saw this baby lamb suffering immensely and they didn't just turn away," Animal Place's Marji Beach said. "They turned compassion into action."

The lamb wears the prosthetic leg for a a few hours a day, and is relearning how to walk with it. She'll need another leg as she grows, and the Grass Valley Hangar doctor said he's willing to help out when she needs a new one.