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Project Runway

It's the reunion show on "Project Runway," a chance for all the contestants to come back and speak their piece after seeing the show.

No new fashions this time, so I will try and sum up the funny and interesting things people said.

Malan spoke about how he has gotten over 2 million e-mails of support since he left the show. Two million! Is this guy nuts? He wasn't that popular. But he was popular enough, fashion wise, to show a collection at Fashion Week, which is a big deal.

Heidi asks Laura if she owns a pair of jeans, because she is always so well dressed. Laura says her idea of casual is riding pants and boots. I would love to throw her in some Juicy sweatpants, just for a day!

Keith, the contestant who was kicked off for having pattern books, is back in a big way. He spends all of his camera time trying to tell everyone he was set up by production, that they put his pattern books back in his room after they confiscated them. Geez, this is awkward to watch, because why would a producer on this show do that; there is enough drama already. Keith gets pounced on by Heidi and Tim about how that's not true, production doesn't work that way. We get it: Keith is a poor sport, so let's move on.

There are bunch of fun video montages about Kaynes' chattiness, Tim's language use, and funny bonus behind-the-scenes clips. This is why the "Project Runway" reunion shows are so good ... they are not afraid to put in the behind-the-camera scenes if they are funny.

The issue of Jeffery being mean to Angela's mom gets revisited, of course, and instead of Jeffery 'fessing up to it, he sticks by what happened. I'm not sure if he was just embarrassed to admit he was rude or really just thinks it's OK to treat anyone's mom like that, because it's not.

We see Vincent go into a tirade on production for sending his clothes to the laundry, I guess all his fancy stuff needs hand washing? I don't get it either, so I can't talk about it anymore, or talk about Vincent anymore.

The fan favorite voted by online viewers is Michael, who has been my favorite. He gets 10,000.00!!! Not bad at all. Plus, his clothes are amazing.

There was a lot of laughing and odd moments, and Bradley with a new haircut, but it was a fun reunion show. I enjoyed it. I can't wait till next week's finale. Who will it be? They all are so different that it's anyone's game.

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