Progressive Candidates, Netroots Launch Iraq Plan

As the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq nears, six Democratic congressional challengers are unveiling their plan for redeploying troops from Iraq and launching a “surge” of diplomatic pressure on and economic aid to the country. The plan will be announced at the Take Back America Conference Monday.

The six challengers: Darcy Burner (Wash.), Chellie Pingree (Maine), Donna Edwards (Md.), Jared Polis (Colo.), Tom Perriello (Va.) and Sam Bennett (Penn.). The plan also has the support of four others who won't be at the conference today:  Eric Massa (N.Y.), Larry Byrnes (Fl.), George Fearing (Wash.) and Steve Harrison (N.Y.).

The plan is backed by retired Gen. Paul Eaton as well as a number of prominent liberal bloggers. Matt Stoller of said that a site backing the proposal will launch tonight.

Here’s a video in which Eaton describes the contours of the plan.