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Producteev: Like Evernote for Task Management

Task managers are a dime a dozen. But good, useful task managers that can integrate seamlessly into your regular workflow? Those are rare.

Producteev is a task manager that reminds me of Evernote. That's because it exists in the same places you do: on the Web, in Google Calendar, on your iPhone, and even in your instant-messaging account. That makes it easier not only to review your tasks, but also to add them.

Here's a video that shows you the Producteev ropes. Meet me after for some thoughts.

Cool, right? I love the fact that I can add tasks via the Web, e-mail, IM, and my iPhone -- whichever is most convenient at the time. I also like the social aspects of the service, like the team-oriented "who can get the most done?" game.

I do have a few quibbles. For starters, Producteev currently lacks a desktop component. There's one in the works, but it's Mac-only. (Really? Uh, hello, it's still a 90-ish-percent Windows world, guys.) And what about apps for Android and BlackBerry? (I have to assume they're coming soon.)

What I really need is Outlook integration. Much as I despise Outlook's task manager, I'm kind of stuck with it. On the other hand, because Producteev can send me alerts via IM, e-mail, etc., Outlook becomes less necessary (task management-wise). I'll have to wait and see if this can really work out for me.

In the meantime, I highly recommend giving Producteev a try. It's free to sign up, and even the iPhone app is free. (Someone tell me again how these companies make money?)

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