Problem Solvers

The holiday season should be a time to enjoy your family and friends and not get stressed out about parties and gift giving. Kristin Appenbrink, Associate Editor for shares a few problem solvers to make your life a little easier this holiday season.

With holiday parties and travel around the corner the mini survival kit will come in handy if a beauty disaster strikes, like a chipped nail, accidental stain, or torn hem. It has 16 different items, including lip balm, hair spray, deodorant, even earring backs. It's essential for every girl on the go, and fits perfectly in your purse, even if it's a small clutch. "Ms. and Mrs. Minimergency Kit for Her" is $12 and can be purchased at

If you're heading to a party and want to bring a gift, consider this champagne bottle and case from Veuve Clicquot. The case is a fridge-inspired carrier that doubles as gift wrap and keeps the champagne chilled for two hours. The Fridge by Veuve Clicquot is $40 for the bottle and case. You can purchase it at your local liquor store.

This year, add personal touches to your gift wrapping with these cheerful custom gift tags. Upload an image and add your own greeting. Custom Gift Tags will run you $12 for 25 at

This stocking-shaped box makes holiday deliveries more festive. It's perfect for a far-from-home student or a soldier overseas. Each box can be personalized with the recipients name across the top. The boxes are called Stocking Mailer by ShipShapeUSA and are $15 for three at

There's bound to be a lot of cooking and baking around the holidays and a user-friendly apron is just what you need. This apron conveniently has numeric conversions, cooking tips and a glossary, and more all printed upside down, at your fingertips. The Handy Cooking Guide Apron costs $29.50 at

Autumnal Crust Cutters will punch out crisp fall leaves so you can add a festive touch to your pie crusts. Fall Forest Piecrust Cutters are $18 at

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Kristin Appenbrink & Erika Wortham