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Private Island Getaway: Vendovi Island, Washington State Still For Sale

You might be struggling with the decision to buy a house, but last week, someone almost bought an island.

Vendovi Island, part of the San Juan Islands in Washington state, was up for auction September 30th in Seattle.

According the the Wall Street Journal there were three separate bidders present, and "the highest bid of about $3 million was rejected by David Fluke, whose family has owned the island for more than 40 years." The price didn't meet his expectations (the island was on the market for two years with a $14.5 million price tag).

When you hear "private island getaway", Washington state might not be the first place that comes to mind, but the private island offers 216 acres of rare beauty.

The island lies across Samish Bay from the Washington mainland, just seven miles north of Anacortes, Washington. No idea where that is? Click here for a Google map.
The San Juan Islands are a tourist destination for those interested in sea kayaking and Orca whale watching.
According to real estate auction company JP. King the wooded island is "ideal for constructing a secluded retreat for corporate or personal ventures." And yet, why waste gorgeous views and private beaches on a corporate team building retreat?

Mostly wooded, Vendovi includes a four bedroom home and several other outbuildings and structures, with plenty of room to build. The island also offers 13,000 feet of shoreline and six beaches.
The buyer should be accustomed to a different pace of life; the home has a workshop, wood shed, oil shed, sawmill building, and treehouse.

But if you're thinking you'd have to rough it on this wilderness island, think again. Onsite, private utilities include:
  • a hand-dug well
  • 19,000-gallon water tower/tank
  • four generators
  • a septic tank
  • 500-gallon fuel trailer tank
  • two propane tanks (500-gallon and 100-gallon)
You have to take a boat or seaplane to Vendovi Island's protected harbor and a 52'x8' pier with a metal ramp and floating dock.

While $3 million seems like a lot for a property this remote, the truth is, the owners probably spent this much and more building what's there. How much would you pay for a private island?

Visit the JP. King site for more pictures including images of the main house, outdoor fireplace and the tree house.

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