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Prince Harry: William "jealous" of South Pole trek

Prince Harry spoke in an interview at a base camp in Antarctica, about the Walking with the Wounded trek
Prince Harry on South Pole trek: "So what if it's minus 50" 00:31

Prince Harry is in Antarctica for his trek to the South Pole with wounded veterans, and it seems like his older brother may wish he were along for the ride.

In an interview from his Walking with the Wounded base camp in Novo, Antarctica, the 29-year-old joked that Prince William is "quite jealous" of him because he "managed to get away from a screaming child."

Harry and the rest of the expedition members arrived in Antarctica last week, but bad weather has delayed their travel to a second base camp at 87 degrees south, where their trek to the geographic South Pole is set to begin.

"The South Pole Allied Challenge teams had hoped to take part in some skiing training to help acclimatise, but a snow storm and very high winds left them largely confined to their basic accommodation blocks at Novo," the palace said Monday. 

Harry is embarking on the challenge with wounded servicemen and women from the U.K., United States, Canada and Australia. The prince is racing with the U.K. team, actor Alexander Skarsgard ("True Blood") is joining the American team and actor Dominic West ("The Wire") is going with the Canadians and Australians. 

The three teams are all raising funds for military charities from their respective nations. 

Harry admitted the trip may be "slightly mad" but said it’s worth it to raise awareness for wounded veterans.

"So what to minus 50 (degrees), so what to 90 mile-per-hour winds," he said. "Occasionally you've got to put yourself through that for a good cause."

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