Prince Harry gears up for Invictus Games

Wounded Warriors and active servicemen from around the world have gathered in Orlando, Fla., to compete in the Invictus Games
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ORLANDO, Fla. -- Britain's Prince Harry is in Florida for Sunday's start of the Invictus Games. Wounded and active duty service members from 15 nations will compete in a variety of sports.

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The prince told CBS News' Norah O'Donnell that he was inspired to create the games in 2014 after his own service on the battlefield in Afghanistan.

He was asked if he was haunted by his own war experience.

"It doesn't haunt me ... We saw some pretty dark things and we saw some great things," Harry told O'Donnell. "I take my hat off to everybody in the infantry and any snipers -- Those are the, that's the real forefront. And then you have individuals that are being blown up, or their friends are being blow up in front of them or behind them, and you have that guilt. So there's a whole sort of emotional piece that plays a huge part."

O'Donnell is an ambassador for the Invictus Games. You can see more of her interview with Prince Harry Monday on "CBS This Morning."