Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard addresses the end of the world

(CBS News) This week I'm sure a lot of you are doing holiday shopping. And some of you may be already planning your New Year's resolutions. To the latter group, I have to say, you're wasting your time. Since, if you don't know it yet, this is the final few weeks for the world due to the Mayan calendar. And Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard has a special message for you all.

The tongue-in-cheek clip is a parody promotion for Australian radio show "Tom And Alex" and was posted by Triple J TV who write about the "end of the world" video address:

The Prime Minister of Australia has sent a message to triple j listeners, in what is a clear show of faith in Tom & Alex's ability to predict the future...

Certain Mayan-predicted death, total global destruction and bad stuff will take place on Friday 7 December 2012. Dr Karl, and now the PM, have confirmed it - so it must be true.

In a bold attempt at surviving the nuclear fallout and duck plague that is sure to ensue, Tom and Alex have decided to broadcast their last show live from the ABC bunker - built to survive the strongest of apocalypses as well as house Kerry O'Brien's collection of fine wines.

They will be joined by comedian Tim Minchin who will be performing the final Like A Version of all time, as well as sports superstar Ellyse Perry, a Children's Choir, and a bunch of carefully selected triple j listeners who will be used as baby incubators and/or food to help in the human race's survival.

I have to say, in this blogger's humble opinion, it's always nice to see a politician who can get out there and poke a little fun at themselves and a silly notion. So we'd like to give a big triple-rainbow salute of having a great sense of humor to Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard for this humorous "end of the world" address from all of us here at The Feed. And if you'd like to check out more fun items from Triple J TV, be sure to visit their website by clicking here.