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Priest Who Mocked Clinton Stands By His Message

The Rev. Michael Pfleger, who mocked Sen. Hillary Clinton while delivering a guest sermon at Sen. Barack Obama's former church, told ABC's "Good Morning America" that he stands by his message, the Associated Press reports.

Pfleger said he regrets that his delivery may have detracted from the point he was trying to make when he pretended to be Sen. Clinton crying about "a black man stealing my show."

"I was giving a talk about race," Pleger said. "And is entitlement one of the things about race that I believe in? Is an unequal playing field one of the things I believe in? Yes, so I don't apologize for being passionate, I don't apologize for being free."

Obama left Trinity United Church after Pfleger's sermon and other controversial statements given by his former pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

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