Presidential Debate On Science Proposed

This story was written by Emily Schultheis, Daily Pennsylvanian
So far, presidential candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties have debated issues ranging from the war in Iraq to the economy.

But these aren't the only issues facing the future president - one group argues that scientific issues, such as global warming and science and math education, should also be discussed.

Science Debate 2008 is a project intended to encourage discussion of science-related issues. Numerous area figures, including Penn President Amy Gutmann, have signed onto the idea. The debate would take place at the Franklin Institute on April 18, two days after the debate already scheduled at the National Constitution Center, also in Philadelphia.

However, according to Shawn Otto, the CEO of Science Debate 2008, none of the candidates has agreed to participate in the debate as of yet.

"I think the candidates are afraid of the venue, even though we've told them it's not a science quiz," Otto said. "They haven't shown the courage yet to commit."

However, Otto is still optimistic that the candidates will agree to debate.

Otto said it is important for the candidates to participate in a debate like this, "because the majority of the challenges the next president is going to face revolve around issues of science and technology."
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