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President Pickens?

Yes, T. Boone Pickens did muse about that tonight…as he offered his energy expertise to President-elect Barack Obama on CNN’s Larry King Live.

“I’d like to have had the job that Obama has now,” the 80-year-old Texas oil tycoon said, adding that he “would do anything for this country.”

Pickens, who had met with Obama on the campaign trail, has been pushing his own energy blueprint – to members of Congress and the public – to wean the country off foreign oil by using more wind to generate electricity and natural gas to power motor vehicles.

Pickens said he believes Obama is in synch with his “Pickens Plan.” And he said he still keeps in touch with former Vice President Al Gore, who’s promoting an extensive plan to stave off global warming.

“He wants to cut the carbon footprint. I say natural gas is the bridge to what Al wants to do,” Pickens said. “When Al and I have lunch, we agree on a lot of things.”

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