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Prep for Your Next Business Trip: What Readers are Packing

A few days ago, I told you about 8 essentials to pack on a business trip. Well, the fine readers here at Business Hacks have put me to shame, recommending about 14 more items. And there are some clever suggestions here.

How many of these items are in your suitcase?

Here are some killer packing suggestions, in our reader's own words:

Extra light
A small flashlight is one of the most useful tools you can carry. Tasks such as finding something you dropped in a dark corner, hooking up computer cables or walking to the unfamiliar hotel bathroom in the middle of the night are so much easier with your own source of light. (steven_newyork)
I have a button flashlight on my key ring. It's handy no matter where I am. (fumcsecty)
I pack a small nightlight to plug in the bathroom. Makes finding your way around a dark hotel room so much safer. A flashlight is great, but only if you can find it in the dark. (pbthomas)
For the past couple years, I also carry a UV flashlight to inspect bedding. You don't want to sleep on someone else's biological "leftovers." (awtroxell)
Extra medication
Always pack one extra day's worth of meds and one extra set of underwear. Just in case. (awtroxell)
Portable hamper
Carry a couple of those grocery-store plastic bags to use as a travel hamper for your dirty duds. (awtroxell)
Keeps curtain closed
Pack a "chip clip" to clamp hotel curtains that just won't close completely. (awtroxell)
Electrical outlet multiplier
I always carry a simple 3-outlet power adapter. It comes in very handy when all the outlets are full or when I need to plug in more than one piece of equipment. (bkrusniak)
Monster Outlets To Go lets you multiply your outlets anywhere--especially good internationally where you can use one converter and get 4 US outlets. (johnee99)
Internet anywhere
I love the Verizon Mi-Fi -- it's tiny and you can get Internet access pretty much anywhere. I also bring heavy socks in my carry-on, because many airlines no longer offer blankets and my feet freeze. (chansen)
Eye Mask
I get mine in the business class goodie bags, but you can buy a cheap one anywhere. This enables you to sleep in any environment, especially when combined with some cheap earplugs. It especially helps in noisy hotel rooms, on planes, in taxis... it's solid gold. (johnee99)
I had purchased a pair of Sony noise-cancelling ear buds (I wanted to avoid the space hassle of over-the-ear headphones), which I found to be great. Later, on buying a pair of high-quality Shure ear buds, I tested them against the Sonys, and found the Shures slightly superior in avoiding noise, even though there was no noise-cancelling technology. Something to think about--easy, small, and without the complication of needing separate phones for a flight. (Mikerman)
I have used Bose Quiet Comfort headphones for a while and love them. I tried on the Sony's and thought the sound quality wasn't as high, but the foam padding on your ears felt a bit softer. The only times I get ear fatigue is when I've worn the headphones for more than 4 hours, so it wasn't worth it to me to buy a second pair. (karl_burns)
Laptop lock
You absolutely need to have a laptop lock. I use the Kensington MicroSaver Lock. If you're not with your laptop, it should be locked. (spam)