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Pot polls high and earns big, and the "Year of the Twister"

All-time high

A CBS News poll shows greater than ever public support in the U.S. for legal marijuana use. Overwhelming majorities, from across the political spectrum, say they support medical use and they’re against the federal government’s moves to crackdown on sales in places where recreational pot use has been already been legalized.

Weed money

April 20 has been long considered National Weed Day. Legalized recreational and medical pot sales in Colorado hit $1.3 billion last year. In the state, a booming pot business is turning out to be good news for budget-strapped cities, and even college kids.

“Year of the Twister”

Weather forecasters predict a mild hurricane season, but that doesn’t mean Americans are going to dodge the storm. Experts think this could be the year damage from tornadoes actually exceeds that caused by cyclones. Here’s why 2017 is shaping up as the “Year of the Twister.”

O’Reilly’s out

Bill O’Reilly’s ouster from Fox News brings a sudden end to the cable news host’s 20-year career at the network. What his exit likely won’t do, however, is whack the bottom line of parent company 21st Century Fox. We look at why investors aren’t sweating O’Reilly’s departure.

Lucky Bill

Bill de Blasio’s first mayoral term has won him few plaudits -- the word “incompetent” features often in New York City’s tabloids. But as Will Rahn notes, while de Blasio may be less-than-beloved by the denizens of his city, there’s next nothing blocking his path to a second term.

Dreaded audit

It’s the letter U.S. taxpayers dread receiving: You’re being audited by the IRS. But while scrutiny from the Tax Man is never welcome, it’s also no cause for panic. We outline what you should do if you get hit with an audit.

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