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Pope renews calls to end war in Ukraine: "In the name of God, stop!"

Russian forces close in on Kyiv
Russian forces close in on Ukraine’s capital as U.S. sends more weapons 03:14

Pope Francis is renewing calls for an end to the war in Ukraine, emphasizing the impact on children.

In a tweet on Saturday he wrote: "Never war! Think first about the children, about those who are deprived of the hope for a dignified life: dead or wounded children, orphans, children who play with the remnants of war."

Francis added: "In the name of God, stop!"

Ukrainian officials and the U.N. human rights office say dozens of children have been killed since the start of the war. One of them was killed in a Russian attack this week on a maternity hospital

On Saturday, the situation in Ukraine was rapidly deteriorating. Russian forces were closing in on the capital Kyiv and bombarding and surrounding the strategically important port city of Mariupol.  

The U.S. is deploying additional troops to Eastern Europe to support NATO forces. It's also sending more weapons and billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine.

President Biden reiterated his position on Friday that no American soldiers will go into battle. 

Amid the developments, the civilian death toll is surging in the third week of the offensive.

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