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Poll Takes Dems Down A Notch Post-bailout

With every sign pointing toward another big Democratic run on congressional seats in November, a new poll has a glimmer of hope for Republicans.

The CNN/Opinion Research poll released Wednesday afternoon shows that Democrats have a 52 percent to 47 percent lead on a generic congressional ballot, down from the 14 point lead Democrats held last month in the same poll. Democrats in Congress may be taking a hit in part because of their leading roles in ushering through the incredibly unpopular $700 billion Treasury bailout legislation.

The lead still remains substantial for Democrats, and congressional campaign committees remain confident that their party will make gains in the Senate and House. One Democratic campaign aide said the generic ballot polls are volatile these days and other polls, like a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll  (see Page 12) showed a 49-36 lead for Democrats on a generic congressional ballot.

There is good news for everyone on Capitol Hill. Congressional approval ratings have skyrocketed from 22 percent to 23 percent.

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