Polite Robber Asks for a Favor: Empty the Till

(CBS/AP) The owner of a Seattle, Wash., convenience store says the man who robbed him at gunpoint was polite.

Shell station owner John Henry told the police that the man bought a cup of coffee and then asked for a favor - empty the till.

When Henry asked what he meant, the man said, "I'm robbing you, sir."

Henry offered him $40, but the man took all the money, about $300, apologizing and saying that he had bills to pay and children to feed.

As he left, the robber said that if he ever got back on his feet, he'd pay the money back.

Surveillance video shows the man, who appeared to be in his fifties, driving off in a red car.

He left fingerprints and video evidence that King County sheriff's detectives are using to look for him.

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