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Police Shooting In Bronx

Police shot a Bronx man dead Wednesday night nearly a block away from the fatal Amadou Diallo shooting, CBS News 2 in New York reports.

A police department spokesperson says the person shot was a 23-year-old black male.

Residents of the Soundview neighborhood were holding protests near the location, which has been blocked off by police. The shooting occurred at 6:40 p.m. at 1045 Boynton Ave., a block and a half from the doorway where police officers gunned down Diallo. Members of a police housing unit were on a narcotics operation.

The shooting occurred after an officer, who is Hispanic, got into a struggle with the man, said Officer Jensen, police spokesman. One round was discharged from the officer's gun, and the police officer was transported to an area hospital for trauma, she said.

The man was declared dead at the scene.

It was only last Friday that the four New York city police officers were acquitted in the shooting of Diallo, who lived in the Soundview neighborhood. The officers, who were seeking a rape suspect, testified that they thought the West African immigrant was reaching for a gun. He was actually clutching his wallet.

Diallo supporter believe that he was shot because the street vendor is black, and the case has raised questions about the city police department's Street Crimes Unit and racial profiling.

The police department spokesperson says the deceased had a lengthy history of drug arrests.

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