Police release audio of L.A. chef David Viens confessing to killing and cooking his wife

David Viens
Los Angeles County Sheriffâ??s Department
David Viens
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

(CBS/KCBS) LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles County District Attorney has released the audio recording of California chef David Viens describing to investigators how he killed his wife, and then cooked her body, reports CBS Los Angeles.

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Viens, who was convicted Thursday of second-degree murder, can be heard telling investigators that he warned his wife of 17 years that he would harm her the night she was murdered.

"For some reason I just got violent," Viens said. "I keep telling her, either spend the night somewhere else. You're not staying here because I can tell I'm going to jail any minute for all this domestic violence."

Then, Viens said he just snapped.

"Just let me sleep, and then I get up, and I grab her right by the hand - both hands, and I bring her out into the living room, and I go ahead and I force her onto the floor, and I wrap her hands real quick, I wrap her feet up real quick, and I take a piece of clear duct tape - wrapping tape and I put that over her mouth. And that was it. I said, 'Good night.'"

According to CBS Los Angeles, Viens said he had used force to punish his wife before and gave investigators a detailed confession about this reaction to finding his bound-and-gagged wife dead, and his decision about the best way to dispose of her body.

The recorded interview took place in Viens' hospital room in the jail ward, where the former chef was recovering from injuries he sustained after jumping off a cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes, CBS Los Angeles reports.

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