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​Police pursue big pig with breakfast treat

TOLEDO, Ohio - The cops needed to corner a porker.

Translation -- Toledo police were trying to catch a runaway pot-bellied pig who "answers" to the name Bacon.

So one officer who knows his way around the barnyard turned to a secret weapon.

A blueberry breakfast bar.

Toledo police officer Joe Okos calls himself the resident country boy on shift. So it turned out to be a good thing he was on patrol early Tuesday when he heard the call for help corral a pig weighing in at over 100 lbs.

Okos grabbed a blanket and the breakfast bar from a Toledo hospital and began the pursuit.

He and fellow officers cornered the pig and lured him with the breakfast bar.

Okos tells The Blade newspaper that Bacon ate the bait, while the officer tossed the blanket over the pig to calm him down and keep him from biting.

Yes, we know -- pig in a blanket.