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Police officer gets down and dances at Notting Hill Carnival in London

(CBS) - While many of us are coming off of a long Labor Day weekend, it turns out there were festivities going on outside of the United States over the past few days (shocking, I know).

Take the video above shot at the Notting Hill Carnival 2011 in London. I'd recommend paying special attention to a police officer shaking his booty starting at about 20 seconds into the clip. You'll see.

That policeman can really get down! One might even say he's laying down the law on dancing. (Thank you, thank you.)

All kidding aside, it's so nice to see an officer take a moment to have a little fun for himself - you can just tell everyone around him appreciated it. We here at The Feed would like to take a moment to salute your moves, Mr. Metropolitan Police officer!

And if you like dancing men in uniform, check out the dancing football referee from last week HERE.

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