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Police: Florida woman struck, killed by her own SUV in Burger King parking lot

Crime Scene - Do Not Cross CC AlanCleaver2000/Flickr

(CBS/AP) - Police say a Florida woman was struck and killed by her own SUV Thursday night in a Miami-Dade parking garage after she left it in reverse while checking damage to her car.

Reports say the woman, whose name was not released, was pulling out of a parking space at Burger King's corporate headquarters, when she hit a vehicle next to hers. She then stopped and got out of the BMW vehicle to assess the damage, according to Detective Roy Rutland.

Rutland says the woman left the vehicle in reverse with the driver's side door open. That is when the vehicle rolled backward and hit her. It continued in reverse, hitting two more vehicles in the parking lot before it came to a stop.

The woman died in the parking lot.

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