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Pointer Sisters Push Forward

"The Early Show" "traveled" back in time to 1983 in the "Time Machine" series. And what group was burning up the airwaves that year?

The Pointer Sisters.

A trio of sisters, Anita, June and Ruth Pointer, comprised this feel-good group of the '80s. If you turned on the radio, chances are you wouldn't have to wait long before you felt like dancing.

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Their top 10 hits, such as "I'm So Excited" and "Jump (for My Love)," gave any '80s party oomph.

Gail Mitchell, senior editor of R&B and hip-hop at Billboard magazine, said the Pointer Sisters' music was "energetic."

"You feel part of the song," Mitchell said. "I think that's what they brought to the table."

The Pointer Sisters' song, "Neutron Dance," was featured in the movie "Beverly Hills Cop," starring Eddie Murphy.

Director Jerry Bruckheimer told CBS News The Pointers Sisters' song played over the big chase scene was "part of the fabric of the film."

The Pointer Sisters were also history makers. Their success landed them on MTV. They became one of the first African-American acts to be played in heavy rotation on the channel.

The Pointer Sisters group has also changed over the years. Since June Pointer's death three years ago, the family affair continues thanks to Ruth's granddaughter Sadako Johnson, who joined the group in recent months.

"We miss (June) desperately," Anita said, "but we're going on."

Johnson, who wasn't even alive when The Pointers Sisters songs were hits, said she has big stilettos to fill.

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The group continues to play their hits, including "I'm So Excited," which wasn't even going to be released by their record company.

However, Anita Pointer said she fought for the song to be released. Now, Anita said, the song is the group's most well-known anthem.

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