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Picking On The Critics, Part II: Correcting Kurtz's Corrections

OK, Howie, you clearly need to stop writing Media Notes before 9 a.m. Or you need to drink stronger coffee. In Friday's column you attributed my quote to CBS News anchor John Roberts and today, you're attributing it to Vaughn Ververs. The correction in today's Media Notes was a worthy effort...
Don't you hate when someone quotes a blog and attributes a comment to the wrong person? Me too! So when I picked up a hurricane account from John Roberts on the new CBS blog written by Vaughn Ververs, I should have realized that the following comment didn't come from Roberts: "And to those reporters (all on cable, of course) who did grandstand, well, you know who you are."

Apparently he's not as snarky as Vaughn.

But, again, it doesn't quite cut the mustard. As I explained last week, IT WAS ME! Never in my life have I bent over backwards this much just to get credit for being a smartass. Vaughn is a friendly, Midwestern guy who spent his childhood "roaming the vast expanses of the Western plains" (really, he said that in his bio) and would never make a comment like that. And frankly, he's not that witty anyway.


Dick Meyer